Top 5 Tips For Your First Social

To help calm those nerves, here are 5 of our Top Tips for going to your first Social. 

  1. Come to the class! 

Each of our socials starts with a class. This is a great way to squeeze in some extra learning but also get you warmed up and familiar with other dancers. You’ll definitely recognise some people from the other classes you go to. They are a great way to warm up and ease yourself in. Like dipping your toe in the water before going for a swim! 

  1. There’s safety in numbers

If the thought of walking into the Social on your own fills you with fear, bring a friend! They could be a friend you have met through classes, or a friend who is your moral support wing-man (or wing-woman). You don’t need to have attended a class to check out a Social and having someone in your corner can help you enjoy the evening even more. 

  1. Talk to other dancers about their first social 

You might think you’re the only person who is feeling nervous, intimidated or afraid. Believe us, that is not the case, we’ve all felt the same. Whether it be after your classes or on the night itself, talk about how you’re feeling! Not only will more experienced dancers be able to reassure you and give you their tips for socials, but you will find that others who are new to the dance scene feel exactly the same as you do. 

  1. Listen to music during the week

Musicality is a fundamental element of Social dancing. Knowing the different songs will not only feel familiar but also help you know what moves you may want to try out (no triple spins during Conga please!! 😉 ). Why not listen out for songs you like during classes and add them to a YouTube playlist?

  1. Be your own cheerleader

You came to your first class for a reason. Maybe it was something you always wanted to do, maybe you wanted to meet new people or just to learn a new skill. Your first step out of your comfort zone was coming to your first class. It’s time to take the next step on that journey. It’s time for your first social. 

Our next social is this Friday, 26th November, at Shaftesbury Bowling Club. You can book your tickets here and join the event’s page on Facebook here. We’ll see you there!

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