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At Social Dance Academy Belfast, they are dance mad! They love it!

Phil started dancing by learning Salsa and he got addicted to dance, moving on to bachata and kizomba, as well as other styles such as zouk. He was obsessed with perfecting the art of movement, with a sharp technical mind and a great enthusiasm for helping others around him grow as dancers.

Initially, Phil started as a student on the dance scene, and got into teaching when other students asked for lessons. His passion for dance is infectious and you can clearly see that in his classes.

Meredith is originally from Seattle and has more than a decade of experience on the high calibre dance scene in the big city. She started training in Ballet and you can see this, with the style, grace and elegance she brings to her dancing. Her ladies styling is well sought after and something the Belfast dance scene is craving.

They hope to see you join the classes and they want to help grow the dance scene in Belfast, and bring in some fresh dancers, so that everyone can experience, benefit and enjoy themselves through the gift of dance.


  • I had great fun while I spent time time learning with Phil and Danielle. They were patient and encouraging. My confidence soared! Thanks guys! Looking forward to more classes at SDAB!

    Emma White

  • If you want a break from the routine and to try something new for yourself, then the Academy is the place for you. They have a passion for dance. They build trust, empathy and they motivate you to push yourself, not just in dancing, but every area of life as well. They help you to overcome your weaknesses and embrace who you are as a dancer and also as a person.

    Marta Stachowicz

  • Phil is amazing! It's just what I was looking for in a social dance. A mix of technique and fun, in a very approachable manner. I will continue to go to classes and definitely recommend it!

    Mayte Segura

  • I would highly recommend the Academy to everyone who loves to dance, and to those wanting to try it. Phil, Meredith and Danielle will show you that ANYONE can dance! Thank you so much for all the support, advice, and tips. I'm glad I can be apart of your dancing family!

    Kamila Wozniak

  • At 60 years of age, I love going to dance lessons with Phil. A great teacher, very patient and friendly. I have made many new friends at the Academy and I highly recommend it to anyone of any age.

    Debbie Quinn

  • Dancing has brought so much joy into my life. It has helped me be able to express myself and it has helped grow my confidence so much! Phil has been an inspiration, with his knowledge of teaching dance with his fun unique style and humour he brings to each class. It really makes the experience so enjoyable!

    Danielle Woodside

  • Classes with Phil, Meredith and Danielle are amazing. You get to meet like-minded people, learn about music and dance. It’s a perfect place to learn and enjoy dancing. They are very understanding, encouraging and always having your back. Their classes leave you with an extra boost of endorphins, confidence and awesome energy. I recommend their classes with my whole heart. Try and you won’t regret it! You will probably get addicted to the most amazing dance experience!

    Katarzyna Adela

  • I was absolute beginner, I wasn't even sure I would be able to dance at all!!! The Academy helped me to achieve that finally I was able to dance and actually have fun. There are always great tips for lead techniques, which help me improve really quickly.

    Artur Kwiatkowski

  • Emma White
  • Marta Stachowicz
  • Mayte Segura
  • Kamila Wozniak
  • Debbie Quinn
  • Danielle Woodside
  • Katarzyna Adela
  • Artur Kwiatkowski

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