There’s Much More To Dancing Than Just Dancing

Dance Values & Philosophy – A different way to look at dancing.

There’s much more to dancing than just dancing and learning moves. What happens on this inside can be character building.

It can be scary going to your first few classes.

You might think you have two left feet or be scared that you can’t do it.

You might be worried that everyone else is going to be better than you, or you might feel that you will embarrass yourself.

The good thing is that everyone feels this way at the start. We all have a deep need to feel accepted or feel good enough inside.

Like with every new hobby, you have to start from ground zero, and that’s a good thing.

There is hope and excitement at trying something new and doing things you are scared of.

You will learn to dance, and you will build up your dancing skills and repertoire of moves, but what you also learn, is what happens on the inside.

You grow your confidence and feel good in yourself that you have overcome the fear of going to your first few classes or social This will develop more over time.

Confidence is simply doing something repeatedly until you know how to do it well.

This doesn’t happen overnight, its can be a slow ongoing process that builds up over time, but it also brings a sense of satisfaction and achievement from working through personal barriers.

Focusing on small goals will help you grow your confidence.

After 1 class, you will know how to dance and you will now be able to do that dance anywhere in the world.

After 4 classes, you will be able to do the fundamentals well.

After 8 classes, you will be a more confidence beginner dancer with a sense of pride at sticking with something that may have seemed challenging or unreachable.

The confidence you learn from overcoming your fears and worries is something you learn and develop in yourself, and it inspires you to know that you can achieve things that you set your mind to.

You develop character and self-confidence.

If you look at some of our 8 week demos from students, you will see how much you can actually learn and you will feel great in yourself once you reach your own 8 week mark.

You have to appreciate the progress in yourself, however small.

Integrity. This is the next value that you will learn and develop in yourself.

Integrity is being honest with yourself and having strong moral principles.

By working through the fear and actually enjoying it, by letting go of your ego and accepting your dancing level where you are today, will allow you to feel accomplished that you did the right thing because you stuck at it.

You will be surprised at the inner feelings this brings.

How to lose, how to win.

There is something uplifting about accepting your faults and being okay with your own level and simply enjoying the process of learning.

You learn that some things take time to develop, so you learn patience in yourself and smile You will know that it’s okay to be bad at things at the start yet still enjoy it and have fun, and maybe even some laughs too!

The work ethic.

Some dancing skills you will pick up really quickly, and others will take time. Having a good attitude on learning will develop a healthy work ethic, and the feeling of sticking to something and working at it until you achieve it, will serve you, not only in dance, but outside of dance too, in your personal life.

Its not just about how you dance, it’s about developing the character you need to accomplish short term goals, which will build your up, and make you feel good in yourself, and that is a beautiful thing.

It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a long term investment, a lifestyle choice that can bring so many rewards, like happiness and joy.

Every time you turn up, its an investment in yourself; in your body and mind. You will always walk away with that, nobody can take it away from you.

We understand that people dance for different reasons, whether its for social reasons, to keep fit and healthy, to try something new, or for the love and the passion for learning and developing dance technique and skills.

Whatever your reason, just know that is not just dancing that you are learning, its so much more.

The Holy Grail of dancing is that feeling of being able to move and flow effortlessly, to experience a state of meditation through movement, not thinking, just being in the moment, all fears and worries disappearing, and achieving a connection and high that dance can bring.

On your journey to that Holy Grail, know that there’s so much more that comes with it; the sense of pride and achievement of overcoming personal barriers and hurdles, the development of character, the dissolution of the ego and a self-belief and confidence that will serve you not only on the dancefloor, but so much further than that.

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