Improvers Block – Stop Holding Yourself Back

The Improvers Block – Stop Holding Yourself Back Please Thought I’d share some thoughts on this while it was on my mind. I see this happen way more than I would care to admit. I think it happens when you get to a certain level at the improver stage, then all of a sudden, you think you know how to

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There’s Much More To Dancing Than Just Dancing

Dance Values & Philosophy – A different way to look at dancing. There’s much more to dancing than just dancing and learning moves. What happens on this inside can be character building. It can be scary going to your first few classes. You might think you have two left feet or be scared that you can’t do it. You might

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Top 5 Tips For Your First Social

To help calm those nerves, here are 5 of our Top Tips for going to your first Social. Come to the class! Each of our socials starts with a class. This is a great way to squeeze in some extra learning but also get you warmed up and familiar with other dancers. You’ll definitely recognise some people from the other

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Fear of Your First Social

Imagine this: It’s Midnight.

Your flushed cheeks ache from smiling so much, your feet throb where your new shoes pinch them, and yet you don’t care. You don’t remember the last time you felt THIS GOOD.



One. More. Dance!!!!!

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