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Welcome To The Online Beginners Bachata Course

Phil & Meredith,
Dance Addiction Studios

Phil has a keen technical mind and a great enthusiasm for helping others to learn. His passion for dance is infectious. Meredith is originally from Seattle with more than a decade of experience on the high calibre dance scene in the big city. She started training in Ballet and you can see this with the style, grace and elegance she brings to her dancing. Her ladies styling is well sought after on the Belfast dance scene.

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Basic Step

Let’s start you off nice and simple. Bachata is danced over 8 beats, starting with the lead going to their left and the follow going to their right. Nothing too tricky, but allow yourself time to get good at it. Let’s give it a go by following the first video.

Closed And Open Positions

Let’s look at the two different partner positions you can have with bachata.  The frame is important because a good frame allows you lead a variety of moves more effectively. If you have ever seen the “Dirty Dancing” movie, you know you don’t want to have spaghetti arms! 😉
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Simple Inside And Outside Turns

Here we move you on to some simple turns. Remember, it takes time to learn, these videos are here to give you basic understanding. It takes practice and time to get good at anything, just have fun learning on your own for now, until you can join us in the studio.

Box Step

Bachata is very dynamic and there is a lot we can learn. Try out this short video to get an idea of the different dynamics in dancing by trying the Box Step. Let’s continue to expand your knowledge of the fundamentals, and start adding variety to your basic steps.

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Danielle Woodside - Social Dance Academy Belfast

“Dancing has brought so much joy into my life. It has helped me express myself and has given me confidence. Phil has been an inspiration; his knowledge of teaching dance and with his fun style and humour he brings to each class makes the experience so enjoyable.”

Debbie Quinn - Social Dance Academy Belfast

“I love going to lessons with Phil. A great teacher, very patient, friendly and highly recommended. I have also made lots of new friends there at his classes and even having danced for a long time, I was still learning new things each class.”

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Phil and Meredith


Once you have gave the basics a go, and  you think you have learnt them, let’s try something really tricky now, if you are feeling brave! 🙂



Bonus Material: Head Rolls

There are different styles of bachata and “sensual bachata” is one of the fastest growing styles of bachata. With its creativity and flow, it really is a beautiful dance. Let’s explore the head roll in this video. Don’t worry if you can’t master it yet, it’s only for fun.

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Bonus Material: Head Roll On Simple Turns

We all learn at different paces. You go at yours. These are for fun, and they are for the ones who like a challenge. There are lots of ways to learn these and the best way is with an instructor beside you. Enjoy and have fun trying them!

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